UnderwriteMe in Australia

UnderwriteMe is transforming the Australian Life Insurance Industry – just as it has done in the UK

In partnership with Pacific Life Re our Australian office was established in 2015. Inspired to bring a fresh approach to the marketplace, we are driven by a passion to transform the Australian Life Insurance Industry – just like we have done in the UK. 

Key technology

Australian consumers expect a relevant and tailored buying experience, one that was previously not offered by the traditional, fractured insurance-buying process. UnderwriteMe’s business technology suite gives insurers the tools to provide clients with a streamlined insurance process with fully-underwritten, accurate quotes from a range of providers.

Led by the Underwriting Rules Engine, our software suite can be used together or as separate components to provide a flexible, robust offering that best suits an insurer’s needs.

The revolutionary rules engine is straightforward to use but offers powerful functionality. Insurers can rapidly create brand new rules or amend existing rules. It also includes a built-in testing suite for validating rules and deploying immediately. Finally, the control is in the hands of underwriters, not IT teams.

  • Seamless to integrate
  •  Real-time analytics reporting
  • Easy to launch and customise, ensuring a speed to market advantage
  • New products and channels can be deployed quickly
  • Granular business insights to drive improvement

“We’ve built technology which helps insurers in Europe, Australia and Asia deliver modern, digital experiences for their customers. More than a technology company; we are a partner for our clients with a deep understanding of their needs and markets, able to help them use our software to give stand out results across their business: growing sales, improving efficiency and launching new initiatives.”

Martin Werth

Chief Executive Officer, UnderwriteMe

“As a new entrant to the Australian market, we bring with us a fresh and dynamic approach.  With a blank sheet of paper, we are free to pursue the right course for our clients and our business, and we are able to approach challenges differently, by developing solutions that are aligned with our partners and their ultimate customers.”

Andrew Gill

Managing Director, Pacific Life Re, Australia

For more information, please contact Director of Business Development Asia & Australia Rakesh Kaul at Raskesh.Kaul@underwriteme.com.au

*NMG Consulting’s Reinsurance Programme 2017