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Digital has transformed how businesses deliver to their customers. With UnderwriteMe, the Protection industry can now turn on the power of digital.

Sell smarter. Sell faster

UnderwriteMe is a suite of interconnected software that will transform the way you do business. It delivers speed, scale, flexibility, great user experience and big data, giving power and control to the business to achieve market leading results. We unlock the power to help you sell smarter.

At its heart is the revolutionary Rules Engine. For the first time ever your underwriters have complete hands-on control of your Protection approach – with the ability to change questions, help text and rules for each channel or agent.

While the Rules Engine is immensely powerful, you can take its groundbreaking functionality to another level by adding one – or all – of our product components: Workbench, User Interface and Business Analytics.

Our hosted software is supported in-house in your own secure dedicated environment, to give you first class support, upgrades and optimum performance. There are options available for hosting our software yourself.

Rules Engine

Designed by underwriters for underwriters.

The Rules Engine is immensely powerful and puts you in control. It comes with a full-set of rules across all Protection products, based on the Pacific Life Re ‘Ocean’ Manual and a comprehensive database of industry standard questions.

The Rules Engine will deliver a high level of immediate decisions to meet customer ‘buy now’ expectations, or indicative loadings and premium ranges, to avoid surprises.

Create new rules quickly

Indicative terms means fewer wasted referrals

No coding – no IT involvement

Put your underwriters in control


Referred cases made easy.

Inevitably some applications are not accepted at the point-of-sale and will need underwriter input or further evidence. This can be very costly, resource intensive and time consuming.

Workbench integrates with the Rules Engine so you can deliver exceptional service by streamlining your referred business.

Streamline referral workflow

Seamless integration with the Rules engine

Prioritise by value or client

User Interface

The smarter route to market.

The User Interface integrates seamlessly with the Rules Engine to deliver a stand-out user experience that will enhance your brand.

As you’d expect from digital technology, the User Interface is fully responsive, so it works perfectly on PCs, tablets and phones.

Customisable white-label interface

Optimised for tablets and phones

Sophisticated user analytics