Inevitably some applications are not accepted at the point-of-sale and will need underwriter input or further evidence. This can be very costly, resource intensive and time consuming.

Workbench puts you in control to ensure cases are in the right place, with the right information. Cases are fully tracked, helping you to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Whatever action is needed – allocating work, retrieving customer data, inputting decisions, requesting medical or financial evidence and pipeline activity tracking – the Workbench lets you do it all in one place.

You can configure the Workbench to ensure decisions are always made at the correct authority level, prioritise and schedule cases and automate Reinsurer referrals.

Workbench is also a valuable training aid; underwriters can interact fully with live cases, without the ability to implement a final decision.

Naturally, our Rules Engine will operate seamlessly with your own existing referral systems, but adding the Workbench takes your digital capability to another level of streamlined simplicity, ensuring all your business is handled consistently and effectively.

Combining Workbench with the Rules Engine further extends the value of the Data Analytics, giving you an even deeper understanding of your business to further enhance performance.