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Faster. Simpler. Smarter

UnderwriteMe is rebooting the Protection market by harnessing the power of digital.

Instead of the traditional, fractured process, UnderwriteMe brings you a single process to quote, underwrite and buy multiple protection products from a range of providers. Complete just one online application – in the order that best suits you and your client – and receive fully-underwritten quotes that you can buy now, then and there.

  • One application for multiple insurers and products
  • Instantly underwritten quotes
  • Buy now online
  • Clear terms, so no calls to underwriters

One online application

UnderwriteMe lets you compare any combination of policies, insurers, underwriting decisions and prices, at a glance.

Compare any combination of policies, insurers, underwriting decisions and prices at a glance with UnderwriteMe.

Simply answer one question set on behalf of your client – no more wasting time answering the same health and lifestyle questions over and over again.

When you’re ready, select what you want to sell and add it to your customer’s basket. It doesn’t matter if you’ve chosen a range of insurers and products, it’s one Direct Debit form and you’re done.

Giving you control.

UnderwriteMe is designed so that you can talk about Protection in the way that suits you and your client best.

This means you can answer all the underwriting questions at once or simply get a quick quote with no underwriting.

And if you know your client has a medical issue, you can jump straight to the relevant section to see how the condition impacts the cover. At the end of the process, regardless of which products and insurers you’ve chosen, you simply click and buy.

It’s a state of the art, flexible experience which empowers you and your client.

Real-time underwriting.

When you’re comparing prices and products with UnderwriteMe, you know that the premiums you’re seeing are accurate and personalised for your customer, because all the quotes are fully underwritten by the insurers.

You won’t face any nasty surprises, like the premium changing, once you’ve submitted the application.

If an insurer does need a little more information, such as a GP report, UnderwriteMe ensures there’s total clarity on what is required, allowing you to give a clear picture to your client.

No uncertainty. No wasted applications.