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Getting set up

Registration with the protection Platform is simple this document with highlight the steps required to receive your login details.

We are a little bit different; our set up relies on providing your agency codes to accurately replicate the customer premiums and adviser commissions. The quickest way to get your login details is to provide your insurer agency codes. In addition to your contact and firm details we will need agency details from each insurer you have terms with.

To set your account up we need to take some information from you.

  • Fill in the registration form by providing your individual details, company information and (if available) agency codes
  • We then register your company and all advisers that require access

Please make sure you are set up with the relevant insurers prior to completing this form.

If you select this option, we will retrieve the relevant information from all insurers selected, please note this will take up to two weeks to complete.

Please beware we are not able to set you up with any insurer provider, there must be an existing agency set up in place.

You will need to provide agency information for each adviser you would like to register on the Platform.

You will need to provide agency information for each adviser you would like to register on the Platform.

Creating an application

Buy-Now means that the case has been accepted at standard rates and you can place this policy on risk immediately. There is also the ability to submit with a future start date with the ‘to be confirmed’ option.

Buy-Now Non-Standard means that the case has been accepted at non-standard terms. You can still Check the ‘Details’ tab to see the decision information outcome. You can submit or place this policy on risk immediately. There is also the option to submit with a future start date.

The insurer would like to review the application before finalising terms. You can complete the application through the Protection Platform and the insurer/s will complete the further steps.

The insurer requires evidence before they can put this policy on risk. You can check the details tab to see what evidence is required. You can complete the application through the Protection Platform and the insurer will complete the further steps.

Unfortunately, the insurer/s cannot offer cover to your customer(s) at this time. This would be a postponed application. Check the details tab. for more information on why and timescales.

Unfortunately, the insurer can’t offer cover to your client(s). This would be a declined application.

You haven't met the insurer/s criteria in your product request or underwriting limits. A couple of examples would be quoting a feature that an insurer doesn’t offer or requesting an expiry age that sits outside of the insurer/s threshold.

Automated referral uses our technology to issue, receive and process blood tests and medical screening reports to provide straight through decisions. This is all dealt with through the protection platform, rather than the insurer directly.

Activated on the protection platform simply means the case has been submitted to the insurer. This could be for standard/non-standard cases or cases that require further underwriting.

Once the personal details have been captured you will be taken to the next page where you will be able to select from 5 different products. Simply select the product, complete the needed information on the page, and select “Yes” to add another product. You can see all products selected on the left hand side of the Platform.

You will see all products selected at the top of the result screen. Once the client has decided which provider to choose, simply select the provider by hitting the “Buy Now” button, this will be added to the basket total at the top. Repeat this process for each person/ product selected.

Yes, if the provider offers the multi-policy discount, you will see the discount included in your basket total once all needed products have been selected.

Post submission updates will always sit with the provider and can be tracked in the same way as a single submission, if you have multi providers selected, please contact each provider for the needed policy updates.

Yes, if you click through to the activated case you will be taken to the summary screen, this will show you the activation timestamp for each product in the application.

This information will be available for 180 days on the Platform, after which please contact the provider or alternatively you can raise a ticket support team for confirmation (

This depends on the number of providers selected, if you have multiple providers selected each provider will have their own client declaration to complete.

No, you only need to input one set of banking details for multiple applications and insurers.

Not necessarily as this is provider specific. If you have selected different insurers each insurer will collect their own premium/s .

Using Defaqto enables Advisers to showcase different provider products and key features versus competitor offerings. The Defaqto Compare comparison tool helps drive client conversions and customer retention – it facilitates instant provider and product identification which allows advisers to have factual conversations with clients whilst discussing the various provider USPs.

There are small squares on the right-hand side, allowing you to select 3 providers at a time. Once the providers are selected scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the button “Defaqto compare” this will then generate the report for you.

Simply select the question mark icon and further information will drop down. There is a variety of information to choose from, additional wellbeing features, children’s conditions, number of CI conditions and more.

Yes, this is available when selecting a critical illness product to your application. The ABI & Non-ABI list can be found right at the top, just underneath the star ratings .

No - Defaqto compares the current provider product and features as they are today, this does not include retrospective conditions. This information however can be sourced directly from the provider extranet.

Yes – if you click the “print” icon at the top you will be able to print the document or convert into a PDF document.

Utilising the platform

No, all applications must have the client's correct sort code and account number prior to placing the application on risk or submitting it to the insurer.

The name on the direct debit must match one of the lives (life) on the application.

You can place different start dates to coincide with the underwriting decisions or client circumstances. The Protection Platform will allow you to input different start dates to fit with the client's criteria. Although, if you are selecting the same insurer for all products, only one start date option is provided.

You have the option to provide a preferred premium collection date within the direct debit stage. The Protection Platform does not impact the way insurers collect premiums.

Online trusts are not available on the Protection Platform, however, you are still able to submit a policy via the protection platform and the trust directly with the insurer (either paper-based or online). Different providers do have their own process regarding the completion of trusts, please see the below guide for more information.

Underwriting FAQs

When you log in to the Protection Platform, you can choose to go through our shortened pre-sales application.

If your customer has smoked in the last 12 months then you will need to disclose them as a smoker, as seen in the help-text.

If your customer has vaped or used other tobacco related products in the last 12 months then you will need to disclose them as a smoker, as seen in the help-text.

When you go back into the application, once you’ve made the relevant edit you can select the ‘Section’ sidebar (see screenshot) to navigate around the application in any order you wish, rather than selecting ‘Next’. Once you’ve done your final edit, select NEXT to take you back to the results screen.

When you’re making a disclosure and it’s not showing in the typeahead search, it may be because the spelling is incorrect or potentially a rare condition that isn’t in the UnderwriteMe list of ‘conditions’.

Post-sales FAQs

If I put in a start date:
The plan will commence on the date entered.

If I put ‘to be confirmed’:
Once submitted through the protection platform, you must contact the insurer directly to place the policy on risk.

All underwriting updates are provided directly by the insurer via their usual process.

Neither insurer can provide their policy numbers post submission/activation, they will contact the adviser directly.

All client information is sent directly to the insurers immediately after submitting/activating the application.

Each Protection Platform application has an important documents folder which contains 3 important documents.

This is a PDF record of the application. All answers are date and time stamped, giving you an accurate record of answers provided by your client – particularly important if they change their mind.

This document shows the results, after taking into account underwriting disclosures. Saved as a PDF, this document is perfect to share with your client if they wish to look at all life insurance and pricing options available to them. Please be aware this document will no longer be available once you have submitted your application through the Protection Platform.

The quote illustration is a PDF of the prices offered to you at the end of the application and is useful to share with your client and/or keep for your record.

The Protection Platform is free to use with no change in how you receive commission or on the insurer’s premiums.

Your commission is calculated via your agency code and the agreement you have reached with each provider/insurer.

We reflect any rates you have agreed with the provider.

Your commission gets paid directly from the insurer.

Technical enquiries

Our Tech Support Team are always at the end of the phone if you need them.

Call 0203 727 9467

The team are available Monday to Friday 9 am – 5 pm.

Our Account Managers are available to run training sessions for you and the team. To book a time a date and time contact us at

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