Holloway Friendly joins UnderwriteMe’s Protection Platform

June 6, 2024

Holloway Friendly joins UnderwriteMe’s Protection Platform

Holloway Friendly, the specialist income protection provider, has joined
UnderwriteMe’s Protection Platform.

It saves advisers time and effort by providing one application form that’s
consistent for all the insurers on the platform. Advisers will then be able to see
and compare fully underwritten prices and underwriting outcomes in real time.

Suzy Esson, Chief Operating Officer commented: ‘We continue to prioritise change, based on adviser feedback. A number of firms asked us to join UnderwriteMe’s platform, and we’ve listened. It’s efficient, and it helps advisers quickly find the best price and cover. Two years ago, we replaced our underwriting engine using UnderwriteMe’s technology, which greatly improved our adviser journey and online decision rate. Joining the ProtectionPlatform was a natural next step. Now, we’re looking forward to helping advisers get a better outcome for more of their clients.’

Holloway Friendly joins a number of other insurers offering income protection on
the Protection Platform, as UnderwriteMe look to further increase their market
coverage in 2024.

Martin Sincup, Head of Marketing and Propositions added:
‘The platform is a way to give advisers more visibility of the price and cover we
can offer, after underwriting. That’s not always obvious from a basic quote, and
we’re confident we’ll often be able to offer a competitive price. The single
application form covers different product types, as well as different insurers. For
example, with no extra form filling, an adviser could easily recommend one
insurer for Life or Critical Illness insurance, and Holloway Friendly for Income
Protection. Being able to mix and match in this way will make it easier for
advisers to provide the best combination of cover and price to their clients.’

Mark Cracknell, Commercial Director at UnderwriteMe said:
‘Advisers value choice and coverage, so we’re delighted to welcome Holloway
Friendly to the platform. Specialist insurers sometimes offer something different
when it comes to underwriting and risk. Through our platform, this will now be
more accessible to our users. We want to support industry growth in IP sales by
offering it as part of a multi-benefit solution, from different providers, powered
by one application form. So, we’re pleased to grow our market coverage in this
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