Game, Set and Match

September 16, 2021

Game, Set and Match

Blog by John Revill, Strategic Account Manager, UnderwriteMe

I’ve recently been taking part in my local tennis club tournaments which, unlike professional tournaments that last a week or two, they take place over a six or seven-week period. The standard of tennis is quite different as well.

I enter every year and love it but also dread them because they’re played at the end of the district tennis league season by which time I’ve managed to pick up multiple niggles across pretty much all of my body.

Not only have I got to contend with my failing body but I’ve got to also adapt to the different formats in my case men’s singles, men’s doubles, and mixed doubles.  As I’ve played the different rounds and formats I’d been thinking about what makes a good all-around tennis player whether professional or in my case very much amateur standard.

What I came up with consists of speed and agility around the court, precision of shot, good anticipation/reactions, stamina and adaption to play different styles and formats.  If you have most or all of these abilities then you have a good chance.

It’s amazing that when thinking about a sport like tennis and the attributes I’ve mentioned you could argue that a lot of them relate to the Protection market as well.  Speed & agility, precision, anticipation, and adaption would all be of benefit throughout the application process.

There are so many barriers and hassles to writing protection such as the additional time it takes to get decisions when calling underwriters and quite often when talking to a physical underwriter the opinion/interpretation can be quite different from what the online decisions are.  Possibly due to interpretation but also quite often down to insufficient or incorrect information being given.

Getting hold of people to discuss client scenarios can be a time-consuming process to go through.  The times where more than one application has to be submitted to multiple insurers as that’s the best deal for the client is frustrating and time-consuming for the client and adviser.  Being able to manage client’s expectations accurately can be extremely difficult in situations as well.  All these bugbears can lead to inertia.


There is a solution though and The Protection Platform from UnderwriteMe carries all the attributes needed.

  • The speed to get live/real-time underwriting decisions from multiple insurers can be achieved in a matter of minutes as opposed to an hour or two traditionally.
  • The agility of the platform means you can answer any question at any part of the application plus you have the ability to split multiple products across multiple insurers through one client application and submit them through the platform without the need to use any other technology.
  • Because the Protection Platform links directly to the rules engines for each provider the precision of the decisions you see on the Protection Platform are the live real-time insurer decisions from the question/questions you’ve answered.
  • Due to the way the platform works it allows you to manage client’s expectations throughout the application process and anticipate decisions even without completing the whole application.
  • The Protection Platform is always on meaning you don’t have to rely on someone to answer the phone. The stamina of the platform was even more evident throughout the pandemic when, understandably, some insurers struggled to answer phone lines.
  • All of these benefits allow you to adapt your advice for your clients, meaning you’ll be able to present them with the best solution possible but without using the energy-sapping traditional process.

For those of you who’ve got to this point of the article and are remotely interested I made it to all 3 finals, my body just about held up on finals day even after playing 8 sets and being on the court for just over 6 hours.  However, it would seem that I have a few of the attributes mentioned above as I managed to win the men’s singles and mixed doubles.

Game Point

The winning doesn’t have to end there though as UnderwriteMe are running an exclusive for Tenet members and any business you submit through the Protection Platform as a Tenet member from now until the end of November could see you winning one of 3 Red Letter Day prizes (£300 – £150 – £50 voucher).  For more details follow this link

So not only can you benefit from all the attributes that the Protection Platform delivers, but you could also be in the draw to win one of 3 Red Letter Day vouchers.  Game, Set, and Match.

To understand more about how the Protection Platform could benefit you, join one of our demo sessions which take place every Thursday at 3.30 pm. Sign-up here –