September 2022

Issue 5: AIG Update

“Critical Illness policies have changed a great deal since I started in the Financial Services industry. A few key points of note along the way were the ‘conditions race’, the introduction of severity-based payments and how children’s CI has become increasingly important when advising on this product.

In recent years, we’ve also seen AIG introduce a plan that focuses more on the impact to a customer lifestyle and aims to future-proof for conditions that we may not yet be aware of.

Issue 5 of InformMe looks at the AIG proposition in more detail. It’s designed to offer flexibility and give better outcomes from the outset – all very relevant with Consumer Duty around the corner and cost of living very much at the forefront of customer’s minds.” – Phil Nash, Director, UnderwriteMe

Thank you to our partners for featuring in this issue.

Adviser sales aid: AIG’s critical illness cover

AIG’s critical illness cover is about giving your client choices. Focusing on customers, not just a long list of conditions, this cover is flexible so your client can personalise protection for their needs and budget.

Find out how AIG’s critical illness product offers quality and flexibility, giving better outcomes and value from day one.

Interactive guide: YourLife Plan Term Assurance with Critical Illness Choices

Term Assurance with Critical Illness Choices can be used to protect your client and their family when life doesn’t go to plan.

Learn more below for an overview of AIG’s YourLife Plan Term Assurance with Critical Illness Choices.

Blog: The wider value of critical illness cover in a challenging market

Household are now feeling the pressure more than ever with the cost of living increasing, so is it now a better time than ever to review critical illness cover? Losing the main source of income, covering the bills might not be so easy at a time like this. Your clients already insure their home, their car and maybe even the family pet, so providing for loved ones should be equally as important.

Read Neil’s blog on how to help  customers understand the value in protection insurance, and making it more affordable.