UnderwriteMe launches faster pre-sales indicative quotes service on its Protection Platform

September 30, 2021

UnderwriteMe launches faster pre-sales indicative quotes service on its Protection Platform

Insurtech leader, UnderwriteMe, is speeding up the protection product buying process for advisers’ clients by introducing a new “pre-sales underwriting enquiry” service to sit alongside its established full application “buy now price” process.

Advisers can now get even quicker quotes for their clients from three insurers: AIG, Canada Life and Scottish Widows.

UnderwriteMe’s Phil Nash, director of sales, said, “We originally designed UnderwriteMe’s Protection Platform to make buying protection easier for advisers and their clients. It provides fully underwritten ‘buy now prices’ from multiple insurers and products by completing one application.

However, advisers told us they wanted even quicker quotes for some clients when they might not have all the information to hand, so that’s what we’re giving them.”

The new service stands out in the following ways:

  • Cuts estimated quote time: By setting up an anonymous customer, advisers save time by not having to go through the full underwriting questions and disclosure declaration. This is useful if the client isn’t present or hasn’t time to complete the full process.
  • Finds estimated prices for joint life cases: Advisers can now get estimated prices for joint life cases where both lives might not be present.
  • Gives advisers control over the information entered: Only BMI and smoker status is mandatory; the adviser can get an indicative quote based on the client information they have pre-meeting.
  • Easily converts to full application: Advisers can convert the pre-sales indicative quote to a full application with the existing data copied across.
  • Supports a multi-stage sales process – Advisers can obtain quick quotes and check pre-existing condition disclosures against underwriting philosophies

Phil Nash added, “We’re constantly working to improve Protection Platform based on feedback from advisers, their clients and product providers. Whilst protection specialists use the full application process by default, others want a quicker route to an indicative price. Our new pre-sales underwriting enquiry service offers fast indicative quotes from multiple insurers based on their rules engines which advisers can convert to full applications later.”

Rose St Louis, Protection Director at Lloyds Banking Group and Scottish Widows comments:
“Scottish Widows and UnderwriteMe have a shared purpose to make insurance more accessible, providing advisors the ability to self-serve whenever possible, ensuring that our underwriters spend quality time on cases that need it the most. This tool helps advisors obtain accurate quotes based on a small amount of information reducing estimated quote time. It’s also easy to convert the pre underwritten quote to a full application, improving the customer journey for your clients.”

Dan Crook, Protection Sales Director at Canada Life comments on the launch:
“Canada Life is thrilled to be a provider on the Protection Platform and its pre-sales underwriting tool, providing a one-stop shop for advisers to source the best individual protection cover for their clients, with a quick upfront cost based on their specific needs and requirements. The ease and transparency of this new tool will bring greater understanding of individual protection and the life changing difference it can make in challenging times.”

Attend a free demo

Every working day from Wednesday 29th September to Wednesday 6th October at 12pm, UnderwriteMe will be hosting demos of the new pre-sales functionality. Register below to see how the new feature works along with their fully underwritten side of the platform.