Smart Health: business benefits

May 4, 2022

Smart Health: business benefits

Smart Health doesn’t only benefit your clients. It benefits you as an adviser too.

Increased retention

Your clients who use Smart Health will see the true value in their protection. From around the clock access to GP appointments to personalised fitness and nutrition plans – if your clients are making the most of the benefits throughout the lifetime of the policy,

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then they’re less likely to cancel. Fewer cancellations and lower lapse rates mean that you’ll have a loyal client bank as well as more revenue for your business.

More referrals

Smart Health isn’t something your clients can buy on the high street. So when they start using the service and seeing the day to day benefits it provides for them and their family, they’re more likely to recommend you to their friends. More referrals gives you a great opportunity to grow your client bank and increase your business levels.

A stronger client contact strategy

We all know how important staying in contact with a client is when it comes to winning repeat business. And Smart Health can help you do exactly that. It’s a key tool that allows you to keep reminding your clients about the great job you’ve done and the benefits they have access to. It can open up more conversations and lead to up-selling, cross-selling and ultimately more income for your business.

Meaningful conversations

As an adviser with all of your expertise, Smart Health allows you to have meaningful conversations with your clients and potential clients. It allows you to showcase your knowledge and professionalism, but more importantly, add real value to your clients and their families because Smart Health isn’t just insurance, it’s an essential lifestyle benefit.

It’s a great tool in your client contact strategy. And once you’ve recommended an AIG product, you can still use it to your advantage.

Schedule calls to your clients in your diary to remind them what a great job you’ve done and remind them about all of the services they have access to.

If they start using the services and realising the day to day benefits you’ve helped provide them, why would they go anywhere else for future advice?

It’s also an opportunity to ask for a referral to friends, family or a colleague who might benefit from your professional advice on protection planning with the added bonus of Smart Health. Six months down the line, get back in touch and remind them again. Have they used the benefits? Have their circumstances changed? Do they need more financial advice or a protection review?

So whether you have monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly check-ins with your clients, you can use Smart Health as a reason to start the conversations.

  • Step one: identify which clients you want to contact using the ‘reaching the right clients’ section of this playbook
  • Step two: use our email templates or letter template and add in the necessary details
  • Step three: hit send or post the letter and let Smart Health do the hard work for you