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What are agency codes?

Agency codes are a unique identifier made up of numbers and letters which relate to the terms of business that you have agreed to with the insurer. Typically you’ll find your agency details with the information you received from the insurer agency team when you first registered for terms of business with them.

If you can’t find your agency details/or you want to check, download our helpful guide and contact their agency team if necessary.

Please note:
If you provide your agency details you can expect to receive your login details to access the Protection Platform within two working days. If you are unsure or don’t have your agency codes to hand we can contact our insurer partners on your behalf but this will take up to 2 weeks to complete.
Do you know your agency codes *
Please select the insurers you work with and provide your agency codes.
There is the option for UnderwriteMe to obtain your agency information from each insurer you have terms of business with. Please note this process may take up 2 weeks to complete. Please select the insurers you have live agencies with, so that we know who to contact.
The Aegon online user ID will be a mix of 6 letters / numbers. If you require further help download our guide or contact The Aegon Customer Service Centre on 0345 600 1402.
To apply online for an agency with AIG visit or contact their Sales Development Team: 

Phone: 0345 600 6820. 
Canada life agency codes begin with "L" followed by a 6 digit number e.g. L123456. If you cant find your agency code email the Canada Life agency team at
I confirm that I have Terms of Business set up with HSBC.
HSBC does not issue agency codes, however, you must have terms of business set up with them. If you wish to set this up, please contact Michael Furniss at and 0753 444 0189.
LV's agency codes are up to six numbers long followed by a capital letter e.g 123456A or 34567C. Advisers are provided with their agency code when they LV. If you cant find your agency code (or you want to set one up), call LV's agency team on 0800 032 8633 ( select option 1 for the agency) and a member of the from the agency team will be able to help.
Royal London refer to agency codes as individual IDs. If you are unable to find your Royal London Agency code (or you would like to get set up) you can call the Royal London Agency team 0345 6094 500 or email When speaking to the team please make it clear that you are after your individual ID.
All Scottish Widow agency codes start with A, then 7 numbers following for example A0123456. All advisers are provided with their agency code when they set up with Scottish Widows. If you hold both indemnity agency code and a non-indemnity agency code please be specific about which type of commission should be payable when submitting business as the commission will release based on the agency code used. If you cant find your agency code or want to get set up with Scottish Widows contact the commission team on
When you first join The Exeter all advisers receive agency codes in their registration email. It’s located in the right handside of the registration email. If you do not have this email anymore you can email their adviser team at or call 0300 123 3200.
Vitality Life agency codes begin with a ‘P’ and are followed by 6 digits e.g., P123456. If you are unable to find your Vitality agency code, or would like to register for an agency with Vitality, you can either visit or contact our team. Call us on 0345 601 0072 to register over the phone. Lines are open Monday-Friday from 8.30am - 5.00pm.
I authorise UnderwriteMe to contact the specified insurers as indicated below to obtain the Company’s Agency information for the sole purpose of creating a client account with UnderwriteMe. *
Do you have any Additional Agencies for these Insurers that you would like to provide details about?


By accepting our Protection Platform Terms and Conditions you are confirming that you are authorised to act on behalf of your firm and that you agree to our Protection Platform Terms and Conditions. If your firm is an Appointed Representative, you also confirm that your Principal Firm allows you to use our service.
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